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Krakow Airport (KRK)-Krakow
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 4

Mauritius Airport (MRU)-Le Recif Attitude Hotel
We were very happy with the service, we had a pick up from the airport and a return to the airport. Our only feedback is that the pick-up person was slightly delayed and was not there to meet us. However he did arrive after a short wait and was very apologetic about the delay.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Budapest city (all areas)-Budapest Airport (BUD)
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 4   Vehicle: 5

Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)-Bruges
Good driver, very personable, prompt, clean car and would request again.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)-Maastricht
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)-Brussels city (all areas)
Late pick-up and very dirty car! Please improve next time!
Punctuality: 2   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 1

Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)-Antwerp
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Gistoux-Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
Punctuality: 4   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Tervuren-Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)
Very good reliable service. The driver called 5 mins before his arrival and I was picked up promptly and taken to the airport in good time for my flight. I regularly use transfers2airports and would recommend them to others. The last time I travelled I also received a text giving me the number plate of the car picking me up. I think this is a very good idea, and reassuring for women travelling alone, especially as the cars used do not necessarily have a taxi sign visible.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Diósd-Budapest Airport (BUD)
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

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