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Tirana Airport (TIA)-Saranda
Positive: -driver was there on time Negative: -did not speak english or other Europien languages -he drove slower than my grandmother
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 2   Vehicle: 3

Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)-Maastricht
The service was excellent and the driver polite and helpful but we feel that it was unfair to be charged extra when our flight was late arriving. This is somewhat out of our hands and needs to be looked at.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)-Maastricht
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Brussels city (all areas)-Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)
This was my first experience with T2A transfers to Airports and I was very impressed. We had planned the pick up at 4 am from Zaventem to Charleroi Airport. The driver was on time and very professional. The transport was very pleasant. I can only recommend it. I will definitely use it for my future trips.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Brussels city (all areas)-Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)
Both drivers were punctual and courteous - have recommended you to two other people already
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Antwerp-Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
Driver was held up by traffic but called and then texted us to advise us of his progress we had been delayed by traffic problems in our area during the week and so ordered the car with plenty of time allowed and we reached the airport with time to spare
Punctuality: 4   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Budapest city (all areas)-Budapest Airport (BUD)
We were very impressed with the service and will use again. The driver was punctual and vehicle just as expected for both transfers.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Nivelles-Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
Only one point, no contact to confirm me appointment & driver. No answer at emergency phone number during 4 h. Finally I had contact 5h (22h pm)appointment 22h pm, this on was at 3h am.....,
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Budapest city (all areas)-Budapest Airport (BUD)
Excellent service, lovely car and very professional driver.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Lviv Airport (LWO)-Ivano-Frankivsk
I booked a return trip from Lviv air port to Ivano Franisk and vice versa. On both trips, the driver was punctual and at the agreed meeting point on time. Unfortunately the driver did not speak any English as advertised.However his English speaking colleague was contactable via phone.Despite the language barrier the driver was excellent .Also requested a car seat for my toddler which wasn't supplied on both trips. The vehicle itself was modern and relatively confortable. Overall I am pleased with the service and would use this company again.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 4   Vehicle: 5

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Forli Airport (FRL) to Forli

Трансферы от Forli Airport (FRL) до Forli

Частные трансферы от Forli Airport (FRL) до Forli на такси, лимузине, микроавтобусе, микроавтобусе и туристическом автобусе

Закажите трансфер из аэропорта от Forli Airport (FRL) до Forli вместе с нами, и мы обеспечим вам профессиональную услугу трансфера и превосходное и беспроблемное путешествие.

Бронирование вашего перевода с Forli Airport (FRL) до Forli занимает всего 2 минуты. Сразу после онлайн-бронирования вы можете распечатать или сохранить свой ваучер и быть готовым к работе. Ваш водитель будет ждать вас в указанное вами время и перевести вас прямо на Forli. Это так просто.

У нас всегда есть правильный автомобиль для вас, вам нужно такси, лимузин, микроавтобус, микроавтобус или туристический автобус от Forli Airport (FRL) до Forli.

Зачем заказывать трансфер от Forli Airport (FRL) до Forli с нами


  • Профессиональные, англоговорящие драйверы
  • Простой и быстрый онлайн-заказ
  • Мгновенное подтверждение
  • Без платы за кредитную карту
  • В стоимость включены платные и чаевые
  • Бесплатная отмена


Зачем нужен трансфер от Forli Airport (FRL) до Forli


  • Гарантированные переводы с низкой стоимостью
  • Быстрые переводы прямо в пункт назначения
  • Переводы «от двери до двери» в дверь вашего отеля
  • Ваш водитель будет ждать вас, даже если ваш рейс задерживается

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Forli Airport (FRL) - Forli

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